Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2 of Three Perfect Days: Understanding Dr. José Rizal's Legacy: Pictures of Heidelberg-Wilhelmsfeld, Germany

On Day 2 of my visit to Heidelberg, I returned to the Old town and situated myself in the aura of Dr. José Rizal's spirit.  I revisited the regular haunts of students in Heidelberg.  It was a re-creation of the life of a progressive student from the Philippines out to experience every nuance of life.  Rizal was always learning  He was artistically subtle, and he hoped that later on, he would get all of the things he absorbed into something progressive.  Rizal was influenced greatly by the German love for structure and discipline.

Beer Garden where Heidelberg university students patronize. Thisone is just a few yards away from Rizal's flat.

Rizal apartment, white center building,Ludwigsplatz 12, now Grabengasse, Heidelberg, 1886. 

Fountain in front of Heidelberg University, opposite Rizal flat.   He could have  quenched his thirst here.

Lion figure atop the drinking  fountain in front of Heidelberg Univ.

Church of the Holy Ghost, Heidelberg.

Rizal admired this art work:  Alte Aula, old ceremonial hall, Heidelberg U.

Jesuit Church, Heidelberg U. Rizal was a product of Philippine Jesuit education .

Student Prison. Rizal noted this concept of self-monitoring. In this grafitti-filled walls, the red caps seem to predominate.

Student fraternities wore colored caps as identification, Heidelberg. Painted walls revealed a lot of student life.

Wooden table carved with student names, Red Ox. I tried to look for a Rizal name here.  No success.

Grafitti on student prison walls. I wish I could read German.

Schurmann building, Schurmann, a native son,  made millions in the Philippines under the American Colonial government. He wrote the Schurmann Philippine Report of 1901.

Heidelberg University Library, Rizal's books and books about him are here.

The historic student prison (Studenkarzen)is on Augustinergasse.

Bust, Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden, the generous patron of the University,
 University Ceremonial Aula

Entrance door, Heidelberg U.

Rizal noted with interest religious figures in building corner niches.

The university plaza. Rizal's apartment was right on this plaza square.

Rizal's apartment on 11 Karlstrassse.  He could admire the Castle ruins from his rear window.

The bus line costs Euro 2.50 l to Wilhelmsfeld. 

Penélope lost her heart in Heidelberg, August 15th
 to 19th, 2011

Eye Clinic where Rizal practiced. Note historical Rizal marker, 20 Bergheimerstrasse

The Red Ox, a favorite student restaurant. All the wooden tables are covered with carved student names: a treat for Onomastic scholars!!!

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